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Our New Address (Opening Aug 17, 2021) at The Promenade at Chenal :
17717 Chenal Pkwy Suite H-112
Little Rock, AR   72223

*Please Note*  If you have ordered an item from, we are NOT associated with that site!   The scammers associated with that site have replicated our site to try and appear that they are our small business; they are also using our physical address to appear that they are us to try to lure customers to their site.  We do NOT sell Jordan shoes, or swimming pools!  The phone number listed on that site is not a working number, nor does the contact email address go anywhere; you will more than likely never get a response!
We are SO SORRY for anyone who has tried to purchase an item from that site, and never received the item you supposedly purchased.  Please contact your credit card company and/or bank immediately and let them know of the situation.  Please help us take these scammers down, as they are hurting the reputation of our business!  We have no idea why our small business was chosen to be the victim of this crime, and we sincerely apologize to anyone who has been victimized and given your personal & credit card information.  Help us spread the word about these scammers, so more people don't fall victim.

Nothing but Love to you all and thank you for being a customer of the REAL Fringe Clothing &!